How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech

Your maid of honor speech is a chance to express your thoughts about the bride and her future husband, so you must do it right. How to write a maid of honor speech? Whether you’re writing your speech for the first time or have done it a few times before, some tips will help you write a memorable and effective speech.

Step 1: Introduce Yourself

You want to make sure that guests know who you are and how you’ve come to be the maid of honor. This can help them connect with what you’re about to say and gives them context for your speech.

Step 2: Compliment the Bride

Start your speech by telling people how much you love and admire her. This can be a simple statement, like “She’s so beautiful!” or a more elaborate anecdote that illustrates your connection with her and why she is an excellent person to be around.

Step 3: Talk About Her Partner

Next, please share a few anecdotes about the groom that highlight their qualities and how you think they make a great couple. This could be something about their hobbies or a quality that makes them better, such as their love for family or their passion for food.

Step 4: Speak About Their Love Together

Finally, finish your speech by discussing how the bride and her new husband have made each other more robust and better people. Whether this is by highlighting a particular quality they have in common or by describing how they complement each other, this can be an exciting and touching moment for the entire audience.


A typical maid of honor speech is only about three to five minutes long, so it’s essential to keep things concise. The best way to do this is by using a clear and straightforward structure that includes a beginning, middle, and an end. The most successful speeches have a defined structure that allows the speaker to stay focused and avoid distractions. If you’re unsure how to organize your speech, consider breaking it into separate sections and writing each section on a card so that you can refer to them as needed during the speech.

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