What Nonprofit’s Should Know about Online Giving

The landscape of online giving for nonprofit organizations keeps changing every other day. Without adapting and staying ahead of the curve, you risk struggling to continue your mission. That’s why it is essential to have insights into everything transpiring in the world of online giving to avoid being left behind.

While we could write a whole novel on things nonprofits should know, we have complied a few highlights. Below are the important things nonprofit organizations need to understand regarding the changing landscape of online giving.

Optimize Online Giving Forms for Mobile

Nearly half of all nonprofit website traffic emanates from mobile devices. While donations from desktop users are still rampant, they seem to been decreasing. So what does this mean? Simple, the future is mobile!

Online donations from mobile devices will keep on soaring year after year. What this simply means is that you must optimize your nonprofit donation page for mobile. Never allow a poor mobile experience detract potential donors from giving to your nonprofit organization.

Online Giving Must be Simple

When someone wants to give to charity online, the entire process should not be complicated. You should take it upon yourself to ensure that your donation form is mobile-friendly, not buried deep in your site, and simple to fill out. Anything other than this could end up working against you.

Remember, you have the ability to create beautiful customized online donation forms, These forms will surely give your supporters a seamless and user-friendly experience. There are also different powerful features, like text to give and recurring giving you can always use to your advantage.

Recurring Giving Matters

Recurring donors are those who consistently give to nonprofit organizations, whether it is monthly or weekly. Actually, they always allow for a steady flow of revenue to nonprofits. Rather than giving once and then never giving again, they end up giving more as their funds are automatically drafted from their account to your organization, year-round. In short, never skimp on recurring online giving since it always matters a lot to nearly all nonprofit organizations.

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