Ways IHiS Optimized Customer Experience for HealthHub

There is a good chance that you have come across the term ‘HealthHub’ at some point in life. This is especially the case when you are fond of keeping pace with everything transpiring in Singapore’s healthcare industry. Operated by the country’s Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS), HealthHub offers a nation-wide suite of digital health services and personalized advice.

No wonder it is true to say that HealthHub remains to be an anchor service for Singaporeans to access their COVID-19 vaccination records and test results without going through a lot. But due to the rapidly growing user base and an increase in the use of its services in the last few years, HealthHub needed a listening engine to help capture the customer’s value in a timely manner.

It is for this reason that IHiS has decided to settle for Qualtrics CustomerXM for its experience programme to continually refine and optimize the customer experience on HealthHub portal and mobile app. Of course, this is in response to the ever-evolving health sector in Singapore. In fact, IHiS is among the first organizations in Singapore to take advantage of the new Quatrics data center located in Singapore.

Keep in mind Quatrics continues to change the way organizations in different parts of the world manage and improve the four core experiences of a business. By this we are merely implying to the customer, employee, product, and brand. At the moment, more than 13,500 organizations worldwide are leveraging Quatrics to listen, understand, and take action on experience data. Things are not any different for the beliefs, emotions, and intentions that tell you why things are happening and what to do about it.

This system works wonders, especially for organizations that desire to attract customers who stay longer and buy more. Furthermore, it offers the perfect solution for business to engage employees who build a positive culture and develop breakthrough products people love. No wonder it was quite easy for IHiS to adopt it and help shape Singapore’s healthcare sector for the better.

The Bottom Line

Optimizing customer experience for HealthHub is undeniably one of the best decisions ever made by IHiS. And this is not to say it is the end of everything since the company is always keeping pace with the latest technology. That way, they can ensure Singaporeans get to benefit from the highest quality care.

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