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There are lots of benefits attached to property facilities management in Singapore. It involves the supervision of commercial, residential, and industrial properties like shopping centers, detached houses, and condominium units. Good property management will protect the integrity of your properties and also generate good revenue for you. Doing this on your own is difficult so you need the services of a top property management facility in Singapore with years of experience to assist you. There are lots of property management companies in Singapore but the best to work with is CWL. Here, you will know why they are the best and the benefits you get to see with their exciting and cost-effective services.

CWL Facilities Management Pte Ltd (CWL) 

CWL is a property management company established in 2015 to provide housing management services to people living in Singapore. As one of the top facility or property management companies, the directors are accredited by the facility Managers (APFM) and SISV (Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers). CWL is also a member of the ASM (Association of Strata Management).

The corporate culture at CWL is to promote and deliver excellent property management solutions in Singapore. CWL has lots of great goals for our clients and one of the most important is to increase the revenue or profit margins of our clients. We do this through efficient space, tenant mix, and cost management. With our asset management strategies, our clients enjoy the best profiting housing solutions.

To meet the requirements of our clients, we pay detailed attention to them. After actively listening to their needs, we tailor our property management solutions and services to satisfy their expectations.

Why should you work with us? 

There are many reasons to work with us. First and foremost, our goal is to satisfy all our client’s needs and to become the first and most preferred property management company in Singapore to tenants, residents, property owners, and the community. CWL makes sure all your assets and properties are constantly and optimally maintained to provide comfort, safety, and cost-effective operations.

As a transparent company with many recommendations, you are guaranteed of receiving a good return on investment from the properties that we manage. With close collaboration with you and proper planning, you will get the best housing solution in Singapore.


CWL is one of the property management companies in Singapore you should rely on to provide you with the best building and property management services. We have done it for others and we will do it for you.


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