Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Whiskey

Whiskey is a spirit that has been produced for centuries and varies depending on ingredients and ethnicities of the placeit is made on. It comes in many different varieties and styles, others being more exclusive than others. Depending on your likings and the liking of those you enjoy with, choosing the best whiskey can be a hard task. Here are some of the factors to consider the next time you visit a whisky Singapore dealer.

Look at The Price of The Whiskey

The price of a given whiskey is an image of the quality and rarity of the spirit. Whiskies from both Scotland and Japan are leading in the list of expensive, however there are many affordable and the price range is quite large.

It is important to consider the plan of using your whiskey for. If it is for enjoyment then consider those of higher price and for higher quality. Also know that the price may vary depending on the region where it is being sold.

Look At How Many Years The Whiskey Has Aged

The age is basically the time that the whiskey has spent maturing in an oak barrel. This can affect the final taste of the product; the time is measured in years in order to be called straight whiskies. Whiskies aged for decades are more preferred for they tend to be smooth, therefore, there are more expensive.

The type of barrel used also plays an important role, for the aging process affects the casks as well as the whiskey inside them. Oak barrels, sherry and scotch are used. The interaction between the wood and the whiskey also gives varieties of flavors and aromas.

Consider Your Personal Tastes and Preferences

There are many types of whiskies with variety of flavors present. This is due to the production type, aging conditions and ingredients used. Also, chemical composition of whiskey also contributes to the flavor, during the fermentation process where enzymes breaking down certain sugar produce esters to give the fruity taste.

Consider the Use of the Whiskey for Drinking, Cooking

If you are considering to have drinking whiskey, it is best to get those which are a little bit expensive so to get smoothest and tastiest whiskey as possible. While if you’re intending to use it for cooking or baking then use which are not expensive for they burn easily.

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