Emerging Spaces Within Healthcare and Healthtech

If you constantly keep pace with the latest Singapore healthtech news, then you might already know how things are. The same applies for those who have had the opportunity to find out more about Health Tech Day in Singapore organized by IMDA and IHiS. After all, health technology is now the new norm for both patients and medical providers.

To avoid being left behind, it is in your best interest to keep pace with the emerging spaces within healthcare and healthtech. And that’s what this simple guide will help you uncover today. Keep reading to find out more before deciding on anything.

AI-Powered Drug Discovery

Companies in this space are continuously experimenting with artificial intelligence to research and discover new pharmaceuticals and drug therapies. And this is easy to see since AI systems can sift through millions of different chemical compounds and isolate the most promising candidates in way less time than it would traditionally take human researchers.


One notable aspect of healthtech Singapore is anti-aging. In a nutshell, anti-aging refers to companies researching and developing restorative treatments to combat the effects of aging and increase lifespan. Research in this area includes genomic instability, telomere attrition, loss of prosteostasis, and altered intercellular communication, to mention a few.

CRISPR Diagnostics

Last but not least is CRISPR diagnostics. This refers to the use of the gene editing tool, CRISPR, for diagnostic purposes. The underlying science relies on CRISPR’s ability to isolate snippets of genetic material that it was programmed to find. You might have no clue about this, but CRISPR diagnostics in theory could produce diagnostic results more quickly and cost-effectively. If this is not enough, it would require fewer trained professionals to administer the tests.

The Bottom Line

Understanding what goes into healthtech in venture capital entails more than it might appear in the first place. While you might have slight insights into what it entails, that’s not to say it is the end of the road. It is in your in best interest to do your homework to uncover more about the latest Singapore health technology developments.

For those who would like to be part of Singapore’s Health Tech Day, then you should visit https://govinsider.asia/inclusive-gov/singapore-health-tech-day-imda-ihis/ and check out more information here. It is then that you won’t be among the people left behind while others are taking advantage of what modern tech offers the health sector in Singapore.

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