A Quick Guide IntoThe Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

Some individuals and business believe modern techis all about complexities, and high-end solutions. Even though there is some truth to this, you can also leverage easy and simple steps to digitize your small business and improve productivity. Fortunately, The government of Singapore supports digital transformation through the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG).

If you have had the chance to find out more about this grant, you already know it helps SMEs in Singapore overcome common challenges. For those who might have doubts in mind, read on to learn about it here.

What is the Productivity Solutions Grant?

The PSG focuses on adopting internet technology options in specific industry solutions. Some of the selected industries include logistics, finance, engineering, food and landscaping industries. Actually, the PSG grant brings together three types of existing grants i.e., national parks board’s landscape grant, spring Singapore innovation grant, and the Media Development Authority SMEs Digital programme.

Through the grant, SMEs get the financial breakthrough they need to achieve success. By offering close to 70% funding support to companies they can focus more on long-term investment in technology.

You might wonder is the PSG digital marketing grant taxable? Well, the PSG for ES industry is given for the purpose of acquiring equipment/solutions which is capital in nature. For this reason, it will not be taxable as some people tend to think.

SMEs companies are eligible to apply for the grant provided they’re registered and based in Singapore. Furthermore, the information technology solutions, lease and purchase must be in Singapore. If this is not enough, the company’s employees should not exceed two hundred employees.

Be sure to go through the eligibility criteria before applying, especially if you happen to be experienced in digital marketing. Fortunately, you can check it out here. It is then that you will have an easy time filling the application form.

Summing Up

The Productivity Solutions Grant plays a vital role in helping SMEs in Singapore materialize their innovative lifestyle concepts. If you are yet to apply, there is no other time to do so than now. Either way, you ought to understand what goes into the PSG grant and you can easily get the information by following this link. You can also click here to answer all your burning questions regarding the PSG grant.

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